I am an experienced scholar, musician, and leader currently serving as Director of the School of Music at the University of Kentucky. I have also been the Associate Dean of Community Engagement and Entrepreneurship in the College of Music at Florida State University and the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Roberts Wesleyan College (Rochester, New York).

Before moving into academic administration, I was an Associate Professor of Music at Western Michigan University, where I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in music history, film music, world music, and music theory. I completed my M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Historical Musicology and my M.A. in European History at the University of Rochester.

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I maintain a busy schedule as a writer, composer, pianist and organist, and podcaster. You can listen to my first season of podcasts–consisting of episodes from my original science fiction audio novel, complete with original musical soundtracks–on the “My Radio” page. Other original music is available on the “My Music” page, as well as on my YouTube channel.

To read more about my current work at the University of Kentucky, follow this link or listen to a recent interview below:

Check out some of my communications work for the FSU College of Music by following this link to the College’s Fall 2017 Alumni Magazine or this link to the College’s Fall 2016 Alumni Magazine.

Upcoming Events and Current Work:

I’ve been busy writing and presenting papers for the national meeting of the College Music Society (October 2020), the national conference of the Society for American Music (Summer 2020), and the national conference of the North American British Music Studies Association (Summer 2020).

Recent Events:

I participated on a panel discussing issues related to contingent faculty and how to advocate for them at the November 2019 annual meeting of the American Musicological Society in Boston. I also was on a panel with other faculty from the University of Kentucky’s School of Music at the national conference of the College Music Society in October 2019 in Louisville. We discussed how the UK School of Music approaches community outreach activities. Several of the other conferences at which I was slated to present during the Spring 2020 academic term were cancelled or postponed due to the current national health crisis.

I gave a paper at the 45th annual conference of the Society for American Music in New Orleans, Louisiana, in March 2019. This was my first trip to this fascinating American city.

January 16-19, 2019, I visited Southeast Missouri State University as part of a guest entrepreneurship residency. You can learn more by following this link. I also participated in a second performance of my short original compositions for children at the Cape Girardeau Public Library in Cape Girardeau.

I was in Washington, D. C., for the annual meeting of the National Association of Schools of Music, from November 16-19, 2018.

I presented a paper on the series Vikings at the annual Film & History conference (November 7-10, 2018), in Madison, Wisconsin. What a lovely city!

I presented a paper on Lewis Mumford, technology, and participation in the arts at the national conference of the College Music Society, October 11-13, 2018. The conference took place in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

I gave a paper on All in The Family at the annual meeting of the Midwest Popular Culture Association in Indianapolis in early October, 2018.

Several of my short original compositions were featured on a program for families at the Cape Girardeau Public Library in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, June 16, 2018. For more information, click this link.

News Archive:

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Blogs that I Follow:

Ross Wixon (composer)

Adam Schumaker (composer, arts administrator)

Kendra Leonard Preston (musicologist, poet)

Brooks Kuykendall (musicologist, academic administrator) 

Popcultureshelf.com (with a review of my last book)

And please visit my YouTube channel, too! 

The opinions and ideas shared on this website are my own and do not represent official positions of any of the organizations for which I am employed or associated with in my professional work and life.  Stan Pelkey


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  1. I am really looking forward to the New Year! How about you? I plan to enhance the quality of my podcasts, as well as to take them in new directions by late Spring or early Summer. I am also looking forward to preparing more blogs on leadership and arts entrepreneurship and even post some samples of my scholarship here at stanpelkey.com. I hope you will continue to be part of my online journey.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hello guests and readers: during the past week, I lost some of the comments that people had posted about an article and my first few podcasts. I am sorry that I lost that user-generated content, but I deeply appreciate those past comments and my readers and listeners who have shared their thoughts and reactions to content on this website. Please continue to share, and I will try to do an even better job at curating our shared conversations. Stan

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