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Njal’s Saga: Literature and Leadership

By Stan Pelkey In mid-January, during the last few days my two children were home for winter break, my son and I began to watch the first season of Vikings (Michael Hirst, 2013–2018) on Amazon Prime’s streaming video service. We’d watched The Last Kingdom on BBC America in 2015, and we’re huge fans of Game […]

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Ideas for Professional Development Musical Entrepreneurship

Music Entrepreneurship at the FSU College of Music in November 2017

More “Pop Up Concerts” at FSU November 25, 2017 Again this fall, students from my “Introduction to Music Entrepreneurship” class at the College of Music at Florida State University gave a “pop up concert” in the Strozier Library at the heart of campus. The students served on two teams that were responsible for planning and performing […]

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Ideas for Professional Development Leadership Musings

Watership Down: Literature and Leadership

Literature and Leadership: Watership Down  Stan Pelkey     “My Chief Rabbit has told me to defend this run and until he says otherwise I shall stay here.” (Bigwig to General Woundwort) “The Sky Suspended,” Watership Down (First Avon Edition, 1975; p. 451) It’s not difficult to find reflections on leaders and leadership. Northouse (2010) notes, […]

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Leadership Musings

Professional Development: Thoughts About Life and Leadership

“Thoughts about Life and Leadership” Stan Pelkey I have been keeping a journal since August of 1985. Every few years, I find it instructive to read over large swaths of that material to consider what I have learned. In the past five years, having made the transition from full-time teacher to full-time academic administrator, I […]

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