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Ideas for Professional Development Tips for Music Majors

How To Survive A Big Move (Like Leaving for College!)

How To Survive A Big Move: 4 Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Fear the Change, but Embrace It! By Maddie Pelkey When people ask me, “Maddie, where are you from?” I never exactly know how to respond. I’ve lived in four different states and five different cities, ranging from upstate New York all the […]

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Ideas for Professional Development Leadership Musings

Literature, Leadership, and Change

By Stan Pelkey   It’s not difficult to find reflections on leaders and leadership. Northouse (2010) notes, “Bookstore shelves are filled with popular books about leaders and advice on how to be a leader” (p. 1). Besides those popular books, an extensive body of social science research on leadership exists. And we could cast our […]

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